X-Files theme song played with entirely 3D printed electric violin

By on February 6, 2016
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Yes i’m coming out: I’m a geek and a nerd, that’s quite obvious. And i grew up, suspiciously, doubting, thanks to the X-Files teaching.

So I’ve been really happy to hear about the X-Files reboot, and here i’m double happy to write about it and 3d printing.

Laurent Bernadac played the main theme with a SLA 3D printed violing, his video already got more than 2,5 millions viewers!

We previously wrote in detail about Bernadac’s transparent 3D printed electric 3Dvarius, a work of 3D printing and musical art. Using SLA 3D printing technology, Bernadac and Géraldine Puel of 3DVarius created a unique violin designed to respond to the ‘strict’ expectations Bernadac had as a professional music. “His goal was to create a unique design, inspired by the shape of a traditional violin (the Stradivarius), and refining the forms and supports to obtain a more aesthetic design, that is simpler, lighter and transparent,” said Puel.

The result is a truly stunning 3D printed electric violin that looks as good as it sounds, and recreates the original X-Files theme song like you’ve never heard it before. Check out the entire video, shot by Puel, below. Mulder and Scully would probably tell you to Trust No One, but when it comes to 3D printed muscal instruments, you can trust us–it’s definitely worth a listen.

Source: Laurent Bernadac covers X-Files theme song with entirely 3D printed electric violin

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