Wireless Power Contest Challenge By Open-Electronics: choose the winner!

By on March 7, 2017
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First of all I want to thank all the makers for their works. As you already know, last February 28th  the projects submission phase has been closed.

Right now we are in the very key moment of the challenge: the winner selection!

Looking at the rules excerpt, the evaluation phase will be done in this way:

6. Evaluation criteria

Futura Group srl, IDT and Würth Elektronik will judge all entries and select winners based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality (maximum 25 points)
  • Project documentation (maximum 20 points)
  • Code (maximum 30 points)
  • Practicability (maximum 20 points)
  • Impact on people’s quality of life (maximum 15 points)
  • User experience (maximum 15 points)
  • 2-5 minute video (maximum 10 points)
  • Votes by other registered users (20 points for the design that earns the largest number of votes, 15 for the second, 10 for the third)
  • Detailed photos (maximum 5 points)

So you can help the jury choose for your project by sharing it to your friends and ask them to vote for it! Just click here and vote your favourite one.

On March 15th the winner will be revealed, so stay tuned on Open-Electronics to find out the Wireless Power Contest Challenge winners!


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