The PowerG Arduino Dual Power Supply: a perfect tool for the ultimate debugging!

By on August 3, 2015
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Very interesting solution to have for only $35 a full power station, really usefull when testing your self made boards. And with interesting features, as you can read here:

The PowerG gives you the ability to control power like the expensive bench top power supplies. It provides two outputs: 5V-12V and 1V-3.3V. You have a choice of current outputs. Use the PowerG connected directly to your laptop and provide a total of 300mAs for both supplies. Or use the optional 5V external power and provide up to 1.2A for each supply individually.

Get Up To 12 Volts From Your Laptop

The PowerG has two separate Switching Power Supplies. The Power Supply A is a boost regulator which converts the +5V input into +5.5V to +12V output. The Power Supply B is a buck regulator that converts the +5V input into +1V to +3.3V output.

Power Output Options

Using the Laptop to Power the PowerG

  • PSA: +5.5V to +12V up to 180mA
  • PSB: +1V to +3.3V @ up to 600mA

Using the External +5V @ 2A Barrel Connector to Power the PowerG

  • PSA: +5.5V to +12V up to 1.5A
  • PSB: +1V to +3.3V @ up to 1.5A

Built in USB to Serial Adapter

The PowerG also has a built in USB to Serial Adapter. You can connect up your Arduino and use the IDE to load in a sketch.

more info, schematics, features and online shop here: The PowerG Arduino Dual Power Supply from Earth_People_Technology on Tindie

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