Samsung launches SAMI an Open Platform for Health

By on May 30, 2014
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Samsung unveiled this amazing initiative at an event in San Francisco, announcing that SAMI will be powered by open software and open hardware and will let users control their own data.

We will see how it develops, but still looks unclear what the path of opening will be: still looks you need to join the consortium to access files

The tech giant also announce a $50m fund dedicated to nurture start-ups and technologies in the digital health field (probably using SAMI)

more details here on the Inquirer

The Samsung Digital Health Initiative leverages an array of hardware and software technologies designed to bring developers, healthcare professionals, academics and health enthusiasts together to create a healthier world. The key component of the Digital Health Initiative is a new health open reference design platform tailored to take advantage of the latest sensors, behavioral algorithms, battery technologies and displays. This is an open data platform and open sensor platform that’s attracting the brightest minds and the most creative innovators to work with Samsung to accelerate innovation in personal health technology.

via Innovation Areas | Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center.

Below a detail about SimBand the supposed reference design:



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