Rome is ready to host the new 2014 edition of Maker Faire

By on September 22, 2014
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As you may know, Auditorium Parco della Musica, the famous multifunctional complex designed by archistar Renzo Piano, has been selected to welcome the participants of the incoming edition of the Roman Maker Faire. A place that represents an exceptional choice for the largest European Innovation Exhibition: sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, organized by its special company AssetCamera and curated by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, with Riccardo Luna. The Auditorium, in fact, thought to be a “culture factory” – to quote the words of the Italian architect – is a place for the exchange of ideas, a space dedicated to sharing and aggregation, and is in perfect harmony with the values ​​that inspire the Makers movement and the Maker Faire.

Maker Faire Rome


The numbers

The figures, for this second run of the European edition, are expected to be quite larger if compared to those recorded in the past year:over 35,000 visitors, 250 projects, 200 live performances and dozens of educational workshops. The event will span across an area of ​​70,000 square metersand will be organized according to an activity-driven spacing. In particular, 8000 square meters will be dedicated to projects created by the more than 300 makers from all Europe; 500 square meters assigned to FabLabs, the community of makers born everywhere around the world, so that they can share and promote their experiences;300 sqm dedicated to recreation and entertainment (in safety) of junior visitors. There will also be three conference rooms (different sizes:1200, 700 and 300 seats) and 1000 square meters for live performances.

The upcoming Maker Faire will represent also the final event of the Innovation Week, an entire week (September 29 – October 5) of debates, meetings and forums dedicated to the new frontiers of the digital revolution with Innovation experts and leaders from all over the world. Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and organized by his special company AssetCamera, the Innovation Week has the ambitious goal of putting Rome right to the center of the Innovation world.

This year, the Makers will have not only the opportunity to meet an even wider audience (over 50,000 visitors are expected) but they could also propose their projects to international investors. In the area called the Maker Shed, as happened last year too, the visitors will have the opportunity to purchase products from leading Italian and foreign manufacturers: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc…
Our team will also have the great chance to show the Choco 3Drag (click the link to see some information we disclosed for Maker Faire NY) a modified version of the world famous 3Drag capable of printing with… chocolate!

3DragChoco_028-450x301 (1)

Meet us at the Real Time 3D Printing Area and print your stuff!

Moreover, we’ll be there with a booth in which we will exhibit our most important projects. In addition, in the space called “Real Time 3D Printing Area” we will provide visitors with eight 3Drag printers, so that anyone could print its own object and become familiar with this technology. The visitors should put their STL files on a USB pen drive then, with the support of our operators who will explain the different printing process stages, the object will be printed with one of the 3Drag printers available.

The objects will be printed using colored PLA (the eight printers will use a different color each) and every item shall be printed in a maximum time of 30 minutes. In case the printing estimated time exceeds the time cap, it will be proposed to resize the object. Once printed, the visitor could take away the object free of charge.
In addition, visitors can print a keychain by choosing from 5 different shapes. The gadget will be printed with a 3Drag and our operators will customize the 3D object model by inserting the visitor’s name.

Throughout the whole day our team will organize “mini tutorials” events where you will learn in detail all the various stages of the 3D printing process. The aim is obviously to involve bystanders present and to attract the attention of passing visitors.

While the 3Drag is printing visitor’s own file, our team will explain the choices made like the material used, the print resolution selected, the type of process (empty / full object printing), depending on the STL file provided. During the “keychain gadget printing” instead, our team will show the 3D modeling techniques starting from the CAD drawing to the creation of three-dimensional object.

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