launches alpha-release in the Ethereum mainnet

By on August 2, 2018
Pin It launched their alpha-release in the Ethereum mainnet.

This is a huge step toward launching a fully functional open source protocol that can create:
– Decentralized IoT Data Marketplace: Trade data collected by IoT devices and sensors without intermediaries
– Industry 4.0: Direct communication between consumers and smart factories, as well as solely among smart factories
– Trackable Supply Chain: Transparent history of goods and services
– Autonomous Service Providers: Robot-performed services in smart cities
– Management tools for the mass production of services and goods through capital
– Launch of a global supply chain consisting of autonomous factories and logistics
According to Sergey Lonshakov, the’s main architect and visionary leader, “The fourth industrial revolution is under the flag of the total integration of CFS (cyber-physical systems) into mass production and provision of services. Our development allows us to decentralize these processes and exclude people from them. The future belongs to robots.”


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