OPNFV Danube: new release and new features for this NFV open source platform

By on April 11, 2017
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The OPNFV project this week released the fourth version of its open source platform, known as Danube.

It promises to help large organizations and service providers get a better handle on virtualization, SDN and cloud services, by harnessing work with upstream communities into an open, iterative testing and deployment domain.

The last Danube version includes the following features:

  • Full integration with OpenStack Gluon, a Model-Driven, Extensible Framework for NFV Networking Service.
  • Support and introduction of capabilities for MANO (Management and Orchestration) in the form of integration between NFV Infrastructure/Virtual Infrastructure Manager (NFVI/VIM) with Open-Orchestration (Open-O) platform (now ONAP; Open Networking Automation Platform).
  • The creation of Lab-as-a-Service to enable dynamic provisioning of lab resources, the introduction of stress testing into the OPNFV test suite, and a Common Dashboard that provides a consistent view of the testing ecosystem.
  • Improved NFV performance including acceleration of the data plane via FD.io integration for all Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding (FastDataStacks project), and continued enhancements to OVS-DPDK and KVM.
  • Full set of performance test project activities.
  • Feature enrichment and hardening in core NFVI/VIM features such as IPv6, Service Function Chaining (SFC), L2 and L3 Virtual Private Network (VPN), fault management and analysis, and a continued commitment to support multiple hardware architectures, as well as traditional hardware OEMs, whitebox, and open source hardware through collaboration with the Open Compute Project.


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