OctoRemote: the Hackable Keyboard Designed for 3D Printing Control

By on May 3, 2018
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OctoRemote is an Arduino compatible keyboard to control OctoPrint enabled 3D printers or to be used as customizable input device.

OctoRemote, which is currently in the crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter, is a configurable 19-key remote. It uses the same ATmega32U4 that’s used in some Arduinos, so it can be reprogrammed with the Arduino IDE to fit your needs. It also uses CherryMX Blue mechanical keyboard switches, making it easy to find or 3D print key caps that suit the functions you want.

Specifications of the unique keyboard development board include a ATMega32U4 microcontroller with built-in USB HID support, 19 CherryMX Blue mechanical keyboard switches, 8 status LEDs, Arduino Pin 13 LEDs, 2.54mm expansion header, ISP header and Reset button.

The OctoRemote has been created to plug directly into your existing OctoPrint setup via USB and connects to it by an easy to use Plugin. Once installed it allows users to control all the basic functions of their 3D printer such as axis movement, extrusion, retraction and homing using a simple button press. Further functionality can also be added enabling the OctoRemote to control print jobs, multiple extruders and up to five user programmable keys for sending custom GCodes.

The OctoRemote hackable keyboard is available to back with early bird pledges starting from €40 or £35 and will start shipping out to backers during October 2018.

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