Lil’ Nardo mini Arduino Leonardo Compatible Dev Board gets Funded.

By on February 27, 2014
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We spotted this too late unfortunately but thankfully our support is not going to be decisive as the project already got the funding:

A mini and inexpensive Arduino Leonardo compatible development board.

Introducing the Lil’ Nardo!

The Lil’ Nardo is an Open Source, fully Arduino Leonardo compatible development board, in a bite size package.

We had a need for a compact Arduino compatible board, with built in USB. The functionality of the Arduino Leonardo was perfect for what we wanted to do, however the Arduino Leonardo’s size was too big for our project. So we designed our own smaller version.

We wanted to created a miniature USB capable board that is both inexpensive, expandable and completely Arduino compatible…so we did.

via The Lil’ Nardo! – Mini Arduino Leonardo Compatible Dev Board by Myownduino — Kickstarter.

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