Last Few Days for Wireless Power Contest Challenge by Open-Electronics: hurry up!

By on February 6, 2017
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More and more projects are coming for the contest, but maybe someone else has to come: hurry up guys, the time is running out!

The deadline for submitting your project is February, 28th!

So far, the submitted projects are:

  • GPS shoes with wireless charging – Shoes with a GPs system and the wireless charging to recharge the battery contained in the shoe

  • Marina: Power Wireless Led Lamp – 3D printed LED lamp with a wooden base

  • Wireless Security Lock – Wireless locking system for strongbox, case or secret hiding

  • Wireless Powered Bag – A bag containing a wireless rechargeable power bank and courtesy lights

  • Bluetooth Mouse Upgraded with Wireless Power Kit – A wireless mouse to which you’ll never replace the batteries anymore.

  • Wireless charging electric tool – Rechargeable base for electric tools battery.

  • Wireless Powered Thunder-Safe (overvoltage protected) NAS Backup System – Wireless Powered Thunder-Safe (overvoltage protected) NAS Backup System

  • Arduino UNO I2C library for P9025AC Receiver – the Wireless power receiver has an internal ADC that convert analog values into digitals and can communicate all informations via I2C standard.

  • Rotating crib – A rotating Christmas crib thanks to the wireless power modules.

If you didn’t send your idea before, you can still join the Wireless Power Contest Challenge: it’s enough that you use our Wireless Power Kit to develop your project!

Remember that the three best projects will win:

Don’t loose time: just send us you project if you haven’t done yet, vote your favourite one and share the solution you like!

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