Felfil Evo: the open source filament extruder for your 3D printer

By on March 15, 2018
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After a successfully launched  Kickstarter campaign in 2015, the italian startup Collettivo Cocomeri, also known as Felfil srl, now offers  for sale the Felfil Evo to reduce 3d printing waste and create custom recycled filament.

“Plastic waste is obviously a big problem in the world today; it should tug at the conscience of any 3D printer user that more of it is being created by their activities. If everyone had a filament extruder like the Felfil Evo, it would make a huge difference in reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by 3D printing. Not to mention, saving your filament scraps and using them to make new filament is a great way to save money – filament costs add up quickly. Try saving your filament scraps and failed prints for even a week, and notice how much material you have. Imagine using that material to create a new print rather than throwing it away – it makes a big difference, both to your wallet and to the environment.”

The filament extruder is capable of extruding new 3D printing material from either pellets or excess plastic.
It’s still open source and the Arduino-compatible electronics board makes it customizable. You can find all you need to replicate, modify and implement the Felfil Evo on Github.

If you prefer, you can purchase three different kits from the company’s website:

  • Basic: €299 (including VAT), $304 (excluding VAT)
  • Complete: €599 (including VAT), $610 (excluding VAT)
  • Assembled: €719 (including VAT), $732 (excluding VAT)

Further information about the Felfil Evo are available at 3dprint.com.

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