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By on February 20, 2013
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Code Bender, a cloud IDE for Arduino has been released to the public:

Time to revolutionize the way you develop and hack on your projects. codebender is a platform that helps your next idea come to life. Whether you are a maker, a hardware hacker or an artist, codebender allows you to code on the web, faster and easier, using our awesome web editor.

Create a new sketch, upload your existing code or just clone an existing project and modify it to your needs. Host your code on the cloud and stop worrying about data loss. Code faster and easier thanks to our advanced tools. No installations required. Give it a try, join the cloud today.

from: http://codebender.cc/

Despite Cloud Ide experiments have been around from some time now, the concept never really ramped up to a widespread usage.

Codebender home

Codebender home

Having a cloud IDE to program a tinkering module may seem even more challenging : Codebender works by means of a browser plug in this makes things easier when it comes to connecting with physical devices. IDEs are among the very last productivity tools still lacking of a widespread cloud replacement : while we are strongly used to utilize Cloud Document management, CRMs, office automation and even, lately, design and photo editing tools, Developers keep using local IDEs, mainly based on Free and open source software or provided by firms when dealing with proprietary stacks.

I think that cloud IDE will not see breakthrough adoption until no major advantage is put into action. For example, having a real time engine that is able to save you time by automatically adding or suggesting code or fixes on the base of a large amount of indexed code; having access to code review services (likely provided by peers, with ratings based on the review quality): this kind of stuff may really make it valuable to use a cloud IDE, not only for the ease of use, but for some peculiar value that could be extracted only from a developers community.


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