USB2Go – Android Devices Everywhere, Arduino Extendable

By on March 28, 2014
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We received a submission on our Submit channel regarding this cool tool for USB enabled Smartphone accessories development:

USB2Go will be open source, and it will have its own forums and community center, where we will answer your questions, other developers can help you, and you can show your projects to the world. We are creating USB2Go site, where you will get all the links, source, software and quick start guides.

According to the team:

  •  It’s a development board for smartphones, that connects and powers from USB
  •  It has open sourced API
  •  Open sourced examples –
  •  We are building a whole community for android external devices.

via USB2Go – Android Devices Everywhere, Arduino Extendable by 8Innovations — Kickstarter.


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