UnoProLogic2 – Ultra Low Cost Open Source Oscilloscope on Kickstarter, less than $30

By on May 12, 2015
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Ultra Low cost 4 Channel 300KS/s Oscilloscope – Arduino compatible and designed to complement the DIY test bench while being affordable.

The kickstarter campaign went off with a bang, nearly 200% funded and still 11 days to go. If you are a DIY electronic maker, you can’t miss a nice oscilloscope for less than $30.

Here are a few details on the device:

The Do It Yourself (DIY) Electronics world has evolved into a complex world of microcontrollers and high speed digital busses. The average DIY project has at least one microcontroller, two communication peripherals, two power supplies and one LED. The complexity of building a project has been made easier by using standard hardware such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone and others. However, when the inevitable bug arises, you must have some way to troubleshoot that bug. Test tools are the DIYers best solution to the problem of detecting and fixing bugs. A multi-channel scope is indispensable for measuring timing relationships between outputs, or between an input on one pin and the output in response to that pin on another. You don’t need an expensive scope. At the low clock speeds Arduinos operate, one of the hobbyist USB scopes would suffice. However, test tools especially USB scopes are quite expensive.

 So, enters the UnoProLogic2 Ultra Low Cost Open Source Oscilloscope. It is used along with the UnoProLyzer application software running on a PC. Together these two provide a simple yet powerful oscilloscope tool to allow you to examine four analog channels running up to 300 KSamples/second. The hardware has been simplified to remove extra cost. The input signals are limited to 0 to +5Volts and the sample rate is shared across all four channels. If you run one channel only, it will take advantage of the 300KSamples/second. If you run four channels, each channel will have a maximum sample rate of 75 KSamples/second

The UnoProLogic2 is Open Source Hardware based on a CPLD, High Speed USB and an on board 4 Channel ADC. The CPLD is a Complex Programmable Logic Device that allows user code to configure the chip to perform any digital logic function, synchronous or non-synchronous. The UnoProLogic2 provides a high speed path for data to and from the PC over USB 2.0. This high speed data path, up to 8MBytes/second, allows the UnoProLyzer application to run on the PC and perform the function of an oscilloscope. The CPLD commands the ADC to sample the selected channels. It then reads the ADC data and sends it to the UnoProLyzer application.

 Oscilloscope Specification:

  • Bandwith: 100KHz Max
  • Sampling Rate: 300KHz @ 1 Channel / 75KHz @ 4 Channels
  •  Input Channels: 4 Channels
  • Input Range: ±50 mV ~ ±40 V
  • Input coupling: AC / DC
  • Input Impedance: 1 MOhms
  • Input Capacitance: 15 pF
  • Overvoltage protection: ±100 V (DC+AC peak)

Visit the kickstarter page to get more info and pledge the project!

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