Simplify Covid19 diagnosis measuring Heart Rate and SpO2 with MAX30102

By on April 11, 2020
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Hi, in this tutorial we gonna interface MAX30102: pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor module with Arduino UNO board, and then make a project for measuring BPM using this module + OLED display and a Buzzer.

BPM are the “beats per minute” and they are around 65-75 while resting for a normal person, athletics may have lower than that, and the SpO2 is the Oxygen saturation level, and for a normal person it’s above 95%.

The MAX30102 can be found in different modules, I have a WAVGAT version, it’s not a problem as long as the IC is MAX30102.


This may be helpful in Covid-19 diagnosis due to the parameters which may change if infected. Infact, if someone is infected the symptoms are fever (which encreases heart rate) and respiratory disorders (which decrease blood oxygenation). This tool is good also for who is infected but not hospitalized and wants to keep his parameters under control.


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