Play Internet Radio and MP3s or Record Radio with Raspberry Pi

By on April 12, 2020
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My objective here was to be able to listen to the 8am news over breakfast – without having to up at 8am. Hence the inclusion of the recording function. I have been enjoying the news every day for several months now, when I am ready to listen to it, and with just a couple of clicks. This project builds on my earlier Internet Radio/Music player project but is described here from scratch as I also improved my software installation process and used a digital audio board with simpler connections. The system can record any daily program, and could be easily modified for other radio recording requirements. The amplifier and speaker could be any of a large number of systems. In my case I had an old JBL Radial docking station doing nothing and so used the electronics in a bespoke enclosure that could be fitted under a kitchen cabinet. The sound quality is brilliant.

No physical controls are needed as it uses a web interface and smartphone control. It can also be linked into a home automation system as the control software is Node-Red that makes it easy to link network devices.

All the software is free. The recording function uses a program called Steamripper.

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