OSM ,The Arduino based Open Source LED Gloving Microlight funded on Kickstarter!

By on July 6, 2015
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Catching wearable led lights, based on a custom Arduino Uno hardware with an accelerometer to trigger special light effects based on movement.

Directly from the product creator, on his Kickstarter campaign:

We are giving the community a fair & square open source tool and open source software to explore a new universe of performance microlights. We are the first open source microlight on the market, but we know that others will follow and because of this we will be putting a strong emphasis on the developer’s community and empower those developers to try things that have never been done before.

The OSM is just a part of a big universe of Open Source pieces that will interconnect to form a variety of Open Source Software and Hardware focused on performance arts.

How does this light work?

First, it’s going to come pre-loaded with a TON of mind blowing modes including many of your old school favorites. You can use this light right out of the packaging, utilize all these amazing modes and never connect, share, trade, or expand your mode selection. It’ll still be better than any other light you ever used!

Next, we’re going to include the free open source software to update your light. It’s REALLY not that hard and we’re going to be making some videos on the very basic coding that is used to change modes and colors. Once you save a setup you can save it as a file and send it to all your friends – they just need to copy and paste it onto their chip. We’re building a developer community so that you can learn (as well as trade) from one another. Our code will be posted up for free, and you’ll be able to post up your own code as well. Check out the community here: www.OSM.codes

The Open Source Microlight is based on the popular Arduino Uno. The most popular Open Source developer platform for 8-bit microcontrollers. Being Open Source means that you have a wide selection of programs available for this device.

New programs and updates will be matter of days apart without the hassle of buying new Microlights constantly.

We reduced a classic Arduino Uno into the size of a Microlight and added an Accelerometer to the OSMxyz.

See the astounding result on Kickstarter page!

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