Open Source Vacuum Cleaner by unknowndomain

By on April 13, 2013
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mark-iiThis project started life because I wanted to explore the use of Open Source Hardware and the application of The Makers Bill of Rights and The Fixers Manifesto to the design of every day products. Looking around the home I realised that the vacuum cleaner is one of those products that is fairly expensive, often susceptible to breaking and expensive repairs, and was electrically much simpler than TVs, Radios and Washing Machines. I then set about tearing apart a Argos Value vacuum cleaner, and a generously donated Dyson DC-11 to discover their secrets. Along the way after a lot of research I finally came up with a working model, it didnt take 5,000 prototypes this time!

via Open Source Vacuum Cleaner by unknowndomain.

Just few weeks ago, we advocated for an Open source washing machine and now someone from the community pointed us out to this amazing project.

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