Make these five 3D printed Halloween decorations

By on October 26, 2016
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Halloween is coming and we have just the right time to make some special recipe for partying… in the Maker’s style!

Here are 5 project you can 3D print:

1. The ghost emoji

Ghost Emoji

This model is a quick print and can easily be attached to a smooth surface with some double-sided tape. Printed in luminous green PLA (polylactic acid) filament from eSun, you can find the model for it on Thingiverse.

2. Trick or treat sign

This is printed in lime green PLA filament from MatterHackers at 125% to have better and cleaner details, compared to the same details on the original model listing on Thingiverse.

3. Glow in the dark haunted graveyard

This fun little diorama took a little more work to create, but was interesting to put together. The green terrain was printed in green nGen filament. The gravestones are dark gray nGen. The ghosts and glass are luminous green PLA filament. You can download the model for this 3D scene from Thingiverse.

4. Ghostbusters

This print was a great way to experiment with two-color prints. I set Cura (3D printing software) to pause at a given height, swapped the red nGen filament out for some white nGen filament, and then resumed the print. Now I have one logo for the old movies and one for the new release.

5. Makies jack-o-lantern

I printed a remix of the Makies jack-o-lantern that allowed me to have a different color peduncle and snap-off lid. The body of the pumpkin was printed in nGen orange and the peduncle is in nGen green. You can find the model for this project on Thingiverse.


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