Juniper creates OCP compatible Open Source Hardware network switch

By on December 18, 2014
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Juniper recently presented the OCX1100, anopen networking switch that combines Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware design with Junos operating system.

Really great to see the singularity which is happening in networking as Open Compute project will also play a role in the market raising from an increasingly demand of decentralized secure networking and cloud.

From Black Box to White Box:

The networking technology emerging from the Open Compute Project is designed to be open and disaggregated, meaning the network software for switches, routers and other gear is unbundled from the hardware. That’s also the model used for “white-box” switches, which are based on merchant hardware and that give organizations a choice of software.  

The white-box model contrasts sharply with that of traditional networking vendors like Cisco and, until now, Juniper, whose switching hardware and software come tightly integrated

via Juniper Networks Embraces Open Source Hardware With Newest Switch – Page: 1 | CRN.



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