Eltima Software releases completely revamped Virtual Serial Port Driver 10

By on March 2, 2021
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Virtual Serial Port Driver is a dedicated software tool that allows creating bundles of real and virtual COM ports communicating via a virtual null-modem connection. The software is aimed at professionals specializing in developing, testing, and debugging serial-based applications and hardware.

The new release version comes with a completely overhauled user interface and a range of new features, including support for loopback connections and detailed information about the serial port status and settings.

The serial port statistics offered in Virtual Serial Port Driver 10 allows users to quickly understand the port’s state and check its activity within the selected port bundle.

With the built-in loopback capability, it becomes possible to establish a test connection where all signals are coming in and out of the same serial port. The new loopback functionality is available in the PRO version of the program.

Another improvement coming with the update is a fully redesigned UI that simplifies navigation and streamlines the creation and management of multiple serial port bundles. The newly-added all-inclusive sidebar menu provides instant access to the software key features.

In addition to the revamped user interface, Virtual Serial Port Driver 10 also packs a few stability fixes and enhances the Activity log where all actions related to using serial ports are recorded and displayed.

Finally, the Standard and PRO versions of Virtual Serial Port Driver have been merged into one build. By using a PRO activation code the user can convert the Standard version of the program to the fully-featured Professional edition without making additional downloads.

With the latest update, Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO retains its core functionality:

  • Creating pairs of virtual ports linked via a virtual null-modem connection;
  • Joining several real ports into one virtual;
  • Merging several real and virtual ports within a single port bundle;
  • Creating an automatic switcher between real serial ports;
  • Redirecting serial data from one port to another;
  • Sharing a real port among multiple applications;
  • Creating complex bundles including real, virtual, and shared serial ports.


See more information on Virtual Serial Port Driver official website.
Eltima Software is a global technology development company that has been building and delivering professional software applications for serial port virtualization, sharing, and monitoring for over 19 years.

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