DIY an Amazing 3D POV Holographic Display!

By on June 14, 2017
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POV Displays move through the air at a high enough speed to trick your eyes into thinking that a sequence of flashing lights is actually a solid image. Though interesting enough in two dimensions, LED Instructable maker “Gelstronic” decided to add more depth to his display, stacking 12 LED-enabled circuit boards in a helical pattern.

PropHelix can create a light display in not two, but three dimensions.

PropHelix’s LED pattern is controlled by an also-spinning Propeller board, powered by a wireless charging setup normally seen used with mobile phones. An Arduino Pro Mini in the base of the assembly takes care of making things spin at the correct speed via a multicopter-style ESC and brushless motor, while an encoder handles feedback.

All you need for this project is:

For the drive shaft:

  • 4 pcs. screw M4x40 with 8 nuts and washers4pcs.
  • M3x15 screw for mounting the motor to the plate
  • metal/alu plate 1-2mm, 60x80mm, or another material for mounting the motor
  • 3pcs. M3x15 screw for mounting actuator on the motor
  • Brushless Motor with three M3 holes for actuators (shaft optional/not needed)
  • ESC 10A or more, look at motor specs

For the ESC:

  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Encoder with button (for regulating the speed)

For the rotor

  • M5x80 screw with two nuts and several washers
  • 1m 144 APA 102 LED (24 Stripes a 6pcs.)
  • Electrolytic capacitor 1000µF 10V
  • TLE 4905L Hall sensor + magnet
  • pull-up resistor 10k,1k
  • 12V Wireless Charger Module 5V Power Supply + Heatsink (20x20x20mm)
  • 3 pcs. strip matrix PCB, 160×100 mm
  • Breadboard, 50×100 mm for the microcontroller
  • good glue, that the stripes don’t fly away
  • heat shrink tube
  • Power Supply 12V 2-3A DC

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