CrowPi: the Raspberry Pi Educational Hacker Kit

By on May 7, 2018
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On Kickstarter, Hong Kong based Elecrow is launching a CrowPi educational kit for teaching the basics of Raspberry Pi hardware hacking for classrooms or informal DIY education. The kit, which is available with or without a Raspberry Pi Zero or new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, is built around a CrowPi Development Board that fits into the bottom of the kit’s briefcase. When you flip up the top of the case, you’ll find the built-in 7-inch HD touchscreen.

You can choose between three different CrowPi kits:

  • Basic Kit: it includes a microSD slot and a 16GB microSD card with preconfigured image file, 5V 3A adapter, IR remote control, RFID card, touch pen, 5V stepper motor, and a Tower Pro 9g SG-90 mini servo.
  • Intermediate Kits: Basic Kit features + Raspberry Pi Zero ($179) or the new RPi 3 Model B+ ($209). It also includes an earphone with mic, a heatsink kit, and a mini wireless touchpad keyboard.
  • Advanced Kit: it includes a RPi 3 Model B+, a USB serial adapter, 2x game controllers, and a wireless keyboard and mouse kit.

The kits ship with printed, step by step instructions, as well as a PDF manual with 20 computer education lessons. The lessons explore Scratch and Python programming as well as GPIO basics, including the difference between BCM and board GPIO. They also explain how to set up an alarm system, game console, weather station, night activated light, and more.

For further information please refer to the CrowPi Kickstarter page.

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