Antenna Holder hacked from IKEA curtain rod

By on July 30, 2019
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I run an ADS-B receiver to track airplanes and feed data to sites such as Flightradar24. It’s nothing more than a hobby, plus I really like airplanes! Since antennas don’t work that well in the living room I decided to place one outside to improve my range.

Since my landlord doesn’t allow me to put things on the roof I decided to install an antenna on the balcony instead, which required a 3 meter-or-so post to mount it on.

After debating with other hobbyists about what kind of pole to get, I eventually decided on the RÄCKA. It is a cheap, clean looking solution that would fit my needs.

While I do admit that this antenna holder hack is ridiculously easy (it’s just a pole with some clamps!) I haven’t really found any existing solutions on the internet that make use of IKEA items.


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