SIGFOX Maker Tour: starting from Turin, push your city!

By on October 24, 2016
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SigFox and LoRa will split the IoT World, when we come to distributed low bitrate internet connection. We don’t know if only one will prevail or which one, in the meantime we’d better stay updated on both networks.

SigFox is starting a World tour to increase the knowledge about it: first appointment is this October 24th in Turin with a bootcamp dedicated to understand better its potentialities.

As the first network dedicated to the IoT, SIGFOX leads to millions of applications that can change the world, from agriculture to smart metering & alert.

To get people on board, the SIGFOX team is organizing workshops all around Europe. The SIGFOX team will present the network and its underlying technology, and run some demos and hands-on sessions using prototyping boards.

The workshops will also enable you to start your project with SIGFOX: ready-to-use kits will be offered to attendees.

Those bootcamps are specifically made for makers, IoT startups, developers, and tech lovers. Come join us ! To join, your application will be selected if you are among the top innovators.

Sigfox is a solution dedicated to giving a voice to the physical world, thanks to our dedicated network.
We provide an inexpensive, reliable and low power solution for connecting sensors and devices.

The Sigfox protocol focuses on…

  • Simplicity – No configuration, connection request or signalling
  • Autonomy – Extremely low energy consumption; allowing years of autonomy on a single battery charge
  • Small Payload – No large assets or multimedia, only small messages

Discover more about the SIGFOX technology.

  • 14:00-15:30 : All about Sigfox : technology, use cases, hardware solutions, demos (sometimes)
  • 15:30-16:00 : Break
  • 16:00-18:00: Workshop : Get a free dev kit, send your first messages, configure your first cloud application
  • 18:00-late : Drinks & chat

Here you can see the scheduled bootcamps and candidate your city for the next events!

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