Puck.js – the ground-breaking bluetooth beacon, plug&play javascript multicontroller

By on July 12, 2016
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A JavaScript microcontroller you can program wirelessly – perfect for IoT devices! No software needed so get started in seconds.

Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Low Energy) is an amazing technology – it’s now built into virtually all Phones and Computers, and Bluetooth Smart devices have a battery life of years.

Most manufacturers conveniently gloss over the difficulties of programming their hardware, and other beacons are provided without software or left crippled by their boring factory-installed software. Puck.js is different – it comes with our Open Source JavaScript interpreter Espruino pre-installed, which makes it incredibly easy to use and means you can get started in just seconds, without any prior programming experience.


  • 35mm diameter, 10mm thick
  • Silicone rubber cover, ABS plastic base
  • CR2032 210mAh battery
  • MAG3110 magnetometer
  • 1x Tactile Button, 4x LED (R,G,B,IR)
  • 8x 0.1″ pins – 6x GPIO, 2x Power
  • Bluetooth Smart 5.0, 80M range in Open Space
  • PLUS Nordic Semiconductor’s brand new nRF52832 microcontroller. It’s packed full of amazing features…
  • ARM Cortex M4F core
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 – giving Quadruple the range, and double the speed of Bluetooth 4.2
  • Near field communications (NFC) built-in
  • A massive 64kB of RAM and 512kB of Flash – double that of the previous generation nRF51
  • 64 MHz clock speed – four times that of the nRF51
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • 12 bit ADC, timers, SPI, I2C and Serial that can be used on any available pins
  • Temperature sensor

Puck.js can measure light, temperature, magnetic fields and capacitance, can control Infrared devices, produce any colour light and has a clever tactile switch that turns the Puck into one big button.


The Magnetometer on Puck.js is a digital compass – you can measure its orientation relative to the earth’s magnetic field in 3 dimensions.

Like a compass, it’ll react to a magnet nearby. This means you can use it to sense all kinds of things:

  • Detect when a magnet is nearby (ie door opening or closing)
  • Detect the angle of a magnet relative to Puck.js (ie. water level via a magnet on a float)
  • Measuring the rotation of Puck.js (you can use your Puck as a knob)
  • Magnetic North, for orientation

The Physical Web (Eddystone) allows Bluetooth devices like Puck.js to advertise themselves to phones in the area. If a phone user clicks a notification they’ll be taken to a website set by the Puck.js.  Puck.js advertising packets are fully configurable, so it will also support iBeacon for Apple devices.


On Kickstarter now!

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