Project Alice: the Raspberry Pi-Based Smart Home Assistant

By on April 10, 2019
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If you have privacy concerns about the personal assistance available from the likes of Amazon and Google you may be interested in Project Alice which as been two years under development and uses Snips, an open source, decentralised voice assistants for all your projects.

Snips is an open source decentralised voice assistants for all your projects. It’s “private-by-design” voice service that can run completely offline, removing any privacy concerns.

Laurent Chervet, project’s developer, has created a voice assistant system composed of two classes of device: a base station that does the real processing, and satellite devices that provide access to the service in each room.

The base station is built around a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and each satellite device has a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The satellites also include a speaker, NeoPixel LED ring, a host of sensors, and a ReSpeaker 2 for the microphone, all packed into a 3D-printed enclosure.

Laurent is hoping to have Project Alice in a releasable state soon, and recently demonstrated it at the Maker Faire in Paris.

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