LimiFrog — Ultra-compact prototyping. For IoT and much more, on Kickstarter

By on September 9, 2015
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Program it to invent smart objects. For IoT, robots, wearables, your bright ideas. With sensors, strong MCU, bluetooth, oled & more.

This compact and powerful solution has a lot of interesting features:

  1. free available 3D printing case files
  2. ARM cortex M4, based on the STM32 Nucleo board
  3. OLED displays available
  4. programmable in C and MicroPython
  5. fully equipped with connectivity and sensors devices (temperature, pressure, gyroscope, accelerometers, sound pressure)
  6. usb rechargeable Li-Po battery
  7. wearable
  8. bluetooth 4.0

Early birds at $39 up to $99 for the fully equipped board. Rush to grab one!

More details on the Kickstarted page!

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