Chinese giant ZTE presents Eco-Mobius modular Smartphone

By on January 18, 2014
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Chinese giant ZTE unveiled Eco-Mobius at the CES conferences earlier this month.
The move looks highly interesting and confirms that modularity is THE new trend in Consumer Electronics hardware. No mention on Open Source role (differently from Motorola that seems to embrace the principle in Project Ara – we covered earlier).

If you’re interested in the topic you should check our interview to Dave Hakkens, Phonebloks founder.

Eco-Mobius is divided into four swappable modules: LCD, core (processor, RAM and ROM), camera, and battery. The possibilities are huge. If you’re a keen photographer, you could take separate lenses with you, effectively turning your phone into a digital SLR.

via ZTE Eco-Mobius modular mobile rivals Moto’s Project Ara | CNET UK.


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