AWS Device Farm – Test Mobile Apps on 200 Real Devices almost free of charge

By on July 22, 2015
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Although the phrase “write once, test everywhere” was coined to describe another technology, I believe that it also applies to mobile applications. The wide variety of carriers, manufacturers, models, operating systems (including versions, patches, and proprietary extensions), screen sizes, input devices, connectivity options, device settings, and permission settings combine to create a test matrix that is seemingly infinite in size. Let’s toss in the device location and the selected locale, just for fun. Add to this the rapid (sometimes daily) release cycles for popular apps and testing becomes an expensive, complex, and frustrating exercise. As a result, many app developers either forgo comprehensive testing or limit their market to a modest subset of the available devices.

Amazon launched the new AWS Device Farm.  This new service will help you to improve the quality of your Android and Fire OS apps by quickly and securely testing them in more than 200 unique (as defined by device and operating system) environments.

You can easily upload your app, select the devices that you want to test it on, and initiate a run using the tests of your choice. You’ll get real-time reports as the tests complete, so that you can quickly identify and address issues.

You have 250 minutes free as a trial, than there will be a price per minute of “device time” spent testing. A $250/mo flat tarif is available as well, any test with any device for any duration!

More details and screenshots showing the full testing process here: AWS Device Farm – Test Mobile Apps on Real Devices

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