A smart chair that reduces the stress of sitting in the office

By on August 16, 2021
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When designing and building projects, we probably find ourselves sitting much longer than we should, which poses a problem. Poor posture leads to all kinds of health problems, including back pain, limited circulation, and even headaches. A team of students from Tohoku University in Japan wanted to solve this problem by creating a new type of office chair, called TiltChair, capable of dynamically adjusting the user’s sitting position. This helps minimize the strain on the body from prolonged sitting.

The TiltChair system uses an Arduino Uno that communicates with an MPU-6050 IMU to measure the current seat tilt. In addition, a BME280 pressure sensor checks if someone is occupying the chair. To tilt the seat, a pair of servomotors are employed which regulate an air compressor used to inflate an air bladder, thereby pushing up the top plate, or by activating a vacuum pump to lower the angle, up at a maximum excursion of 55 °.

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