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By on October 1, 2016

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Project Summary:

pedalSHIELD UNO, an open-source Arduino UNO programmable guitar pedal.
The idea is to build a guitar pedal with easy-to-find parts and have fun creating your own sounds from the first day without deep knowledge in DSP programming or electronics.

Full Project:

People can share their sounds or ideas in the forum or they can download the already coded effects (booster, distortion, fuzz, delay, vibrato, tremolo, wave-generator, metronome, etc).
It is a cheap platform to start developing your interest in effects, audio electronics, guitar pedals or digital signal processing.
The whole project is Open-Source and Open-Hardware, all the schematics and files are free. The design was also created using KiCAD, an open source ECAD for Win-Linux-Mac so everybody can contribute.


Circuit diagram:


Bill of Materials:

The components are easy-to-find through hole parts with the minimum number of references:

pedalSHIELD UNO Bill of Materials.
Reference Qty Value Description Mouser Reference
C5,C2, C7, C8, C9 5 6.8n ceramic cap SR211C682MARTR1
C3, C6, C10 3 4.7u electrolytic cap ECE-A1EKA4R7
C1, C11 2 100n ceramic cap
C4 1 270p ceramic cap D271K20Y5PH63L6R
R12,R13, R10, R9, R6, R4, R3 7 4.7K Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-4K7
R5, R7, R8, 3 100K Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-100K
R1, R2 2 1M Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-1M
R11 1 1M2 Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-1M2
RV1 1 500K resistor trimmer 3319W-1-504
D1 1 Led 3mm blue blue led 3mm SSL-LX3044USBC
U1 1 TL972 pdip-8 op-amp rail-to-rail
IC Socket 1 dip 8 socket socket dor dip8 1-2199298-2
SW1 1 3DPT footswitch 3PDT footsitch 107-SF17020F-32-21RL
SW2 1 Toggle switch SPDT toogle switch 612-100-A1111
SW3, SW4 2 Pushbutton off-on pushbutton 103-1013-EVX
Conn1,2,3,4 1 40 pin header 2.54 pitch pin header
J1, J2 2 1/4 Jack audio stereo 6.35mm jack NMJ6HCD2



Here is the link to a series or pre-programmed guitar pedal examples in a zip file:


There is also a pedalSHIELD UNO forum where you can upload and share your codes/ideas



The files can be downloaded in the forum.

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