Espruino: a JavaScript for Things campaigning on Kickstarter

By on August 28, 2013
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Espruino is a small computer with a  JavaScript interpreter that  you can use to experiment.

It’s open source (sw+hw) so it would be great if you want to support this very beautiful idea.

What makes it stand out from other boards?

  • Write code using the extremely popular JavaScript language
  • You can be writing code just a few minutes after unboxing
  • Uses much less power than Linux boards (like the Raspberry Pi), so will run for longer on batteries
  • Loads of IO pins, with multiple I2C, SPI, USART, and Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • It can be used as an IO board for your PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi – there’s no need to program it first.
  • Event-based programming allows different bits of code to be used together much more easily.
  • You can debug by inspecting variables as the code is running.
  • Simply Copy + Paste different bits of code together to create your project.

via Espruino: JavaScript for Things by Gordon Williams — Kickstarter.


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