• prusa-i3-mk2-3d-printer-updates-firmware-to-allow-automatic-mesh-levelling-even-on-3d-printer-kit-01
    Prusa I3 MK2 3D, the first printer to auto-calibrate its geometry!

    Prusa3D (a company that currently ships 1000 printers every month) announced a big firmware update for the Prusa I3 MK2 model that focuses on the current day kit builders out there I couldn’t have been happier. Already equipped with automatic...

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  • Printer Model Distribution_7
    3D Printing Trends, first half of 2016

    3D Hubs periodic trend report provides a unique perspective on the current state of the 3D printing industry. Learn what the most popular printers, manufacturers and materials are. The report is based on the data from our 3D...

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  • ciclop
    CowTech Ciclop – $99 Open Source 3D Scanner on Kickstarter

    The 3D printing revolution has come, and it’s time for 3D scanning to follow. The CowTech Ciclop is a RepRap 3D scanner with a large scan volume, simple, yet elegant design, and a disruptive price point that...

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  • OpenSLS reported being on a Good Progress

    You may already know the project: OpenSLS looks in good shape and in a recent post on 3Dprint.com, you can read here, they’ve been covering late progress. Worth a read! For those not familiar with OpenSLS: OpenSLS...

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  • knit
    Welcom Open Source Knitting with OpenKnit

    That’s an amazing project: an open source Knitting Machine inspired by rep rap – as it seems. Digital fabrication of clothes is getting more and more near. OpenKnit is an open-source, low cost (under 550€), digital fabrication...

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  • Bowyer_Fea
    Interview to Adrian Bowyer, father of Rep Rap project

    Few days ago, we had the chance to have an online chat with Adrian Bowyer. For the few that don’t know him, Adrian is a well respected academic who, also :), invented Rep Rap Project few years...

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  • rs-ormerod-1011x1024
    RepRapPro releases new model Ormerod

    Here’s the latest news about the RepRapPro Ormerod: Named after entomologist Eleanor Ormerod, the RepRap Ormerod is meant to be quick and easy to build (about 1 to 2 hours for the RepRapPro team), has a heated build...

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  • foldarap
    Foldarap gets funded on Goteo.org

    The interesting, foldable (quite) mini printer Foldarap, that showed off at the Ouishare Fest earlier in May (we’ve been able to see that) got funded for the second batch of production through Goteo, the platform to crowdfund the...

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  • prusa_q
    Open Source 3D printing: an Interview with Josef Prusa

    As you may know, Josef Prusa is among the most important contributors of Rep Rap project. Prusa Mendel, a simpler, easier to build variation of Rep Rap’s Mendel printer. Josef Prusa is famous for his dedication to the openness...

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