• Wireless-Charger-1020x510
    Best projects received, Wireless power contest by Open-Electronics

    Here are some of the best projects we have received in the Open Electronics Wireless Power Contest challenge! Bionic Organs/Devices/Limbs Wireless Charging Bionic devices/organs has a limited lifetime where its battery needs to be replaced in order...

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  • enable-feat
    e-nable Awarded $600k from Google for 3D printed Prosthetics

    When Innovation meets charity to help children, something magic happens! In the universe of 3D printing, one star shines particularly bright. The organization named e-NABLE has set out to harness the multitudes of home 3d printers to...

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  • obiomedical
    Open BioMedical Initiative, low cost BioMed technology for all

      A good initiative, made of people willing to help people to have the right medical treatments and devices anyone needs. With the advent of open source hardware, 3d printing, development communities now it is possible to...

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  • Cyborg-drummer-holds-down-the-beat-with-prosthetic-arm
    A Robotic Drum Prosthesis Project (Video)

    One word: amazing. Jason Barnes demonstrating his new robotic drumming prosthesis, developed by GTCMT’s Robotic Musicianship Group. Free concert – March 22, Bailey Performance Center, Kennesaw State University. Jason will perform with musicians from Georgia Tech Center...

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  • The Open Hand Project: A Low Cost Robotic Hand campaigning on Indiegogo

    The Open Hand Project is an open source project with the goal of making robotic prosthetic hands more accessible to amputees. The Dextrus hand is the realization of this goal, it’s a robotic hand that can be...

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  • cortex
    Welcome to the CORTEX Exoskeleton

    In case you lost the highly discussed Cortex Concept: After many centuries of splints and  cumbersome plaster casts that have been the itchy and smelly bane of millions of children, adults and the aged alike, the world...

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