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    It’s Time to Open Source Moving Vehicles

    Arthur Taylor, chief technology officer at Advanced Telematic Systems, presented an open-source platform that he hopes will be the start of more innovation in software development for mobility technologies. But he also argued for the merits of...

    • Posted 7 months ago
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  • CampOSV_hackathon_OSVehicle-806x675
    CampOSV, the first open source vehicle hackathon by OSVehicle

    OSVehicle is a company launching accelerated by Y Combinator last winter 2016, that allows anyone to create customized electric vehicles using their open source platform and modular technology, Tabby Evo. By reducing R&D costs and eliminating the...

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    Light Electric Utility Vehicle Wins Third Hackaday Prize 2015

    Third prize on Hackaday Prize 2015 goes to LEUV, a nice project helping developing Countries to move freely! Transportation is major issue in the poorest areas of the world. Places like where I live in South Sudan...

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  • TABBY_EVO_4_seats_render_OSVehicle_os_4-1030x803
    TABBY EVO open source hardware platform for EV

    I definitely like vehicle design and especially open source electrical vehicles. OSVehicle is a charming movement that is exploring all aspects of designing vehicles! TABBY EVO is our completely re-engineered from scratch open source platform for electric...

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  • projects1
    New OSVehicle platform, completely redesigned: be the first one to see it!

    OSVehicle is a disruptive company, innovating the automotive industry. From making to hacking cars is their mission: in a short time, they’ve already designed a two and a four seats vehicle, released under open source license. Here...

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  • ces_cover
    Most Exciting Products and Open Source Highlights at CES 2015

    The 2015 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been the largest and most amazing exhibition in the history of CES so far, according to Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) that is the owner...

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  • OSVEhicle
    A Timelapse: Building Tabby, the Open Source Vehicle

    A beautiful Timelapse video about the construction of the Tabby, the Open Source Vehicle that is making a lot of buzz worldwide! via OSVehicle: TABBY Timelapse on Vimeo.  

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