• tattoo
    “Tatoué” Evolves from Hacked 3D Printer to Giant Robotic Tattooing Machine

    Last year, we reported on a French tattoo studio that hacked a MakerBot printer and turned it into a tattooing machine. At the time, it was still a pretty rough, if cool, concept – tatoué, as Appropriate Audiences...

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  • images-11
    The death of MakerBot is not the death of an industry

    According to the Stratasys 2014 Annual Report, in that single year, MakerBot sold nearly 40,000 printers. In 2015, they sold just 18,673. In April of 2015, MakerBot laid off 100 of its approximately 500 employees and in...

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  • dsc0269
    How to add a smartphone-controlled brain to your 3D printer for about fifty bucks

    One way vendors have been able to keep costs down is by requiring buyers to dedicate a PC to driving the printer. Because it can take hours, or even days, for a print to complete, it can...

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  • IMG_8863.0.0
    MakerBot will no longer make its own 3D printers

    MakerBot has announced that it will no longer manufacture its own hardware. Over the course of the next six months, the company will transition the building of its 3D printers and other products to Jabil, a contract manufacturer...

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  • sigma
    3D Printers: From $179 to $4,000, the price is right to buy one now

    When looking for a 3D printer, here are three things you might want to bear in mind: Build volume: How big a print is the 3D printer capable of doing? Materials: What filament material can the 3D...

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  • shopping_cart_image_220x220_2
    Digitizer the 3D Scanner from MakerBot is finally out!

    Finally, the Makerbot Digitizer has come to light! Great job from Makerbot – even if,  unfortunately not open source 🙁 If you don’t know, our Open Electronics friend Jeremy Blum actually worked in the team With just...

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  • unione
    That’s Makerbot Value in Stratasys Deal

    This week the American-Israeli company and 3D printing giant Stratasys acquired the once beloved, now discussed, Makerbot Industries for about 400 M$. Some said it’s quite a big valuation for a company that still need to find...

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  • makerbot
    Stratasys acquires MakerBot

    Stratasys, global giant of industrial 3D printing, announced on Wednesday that it was to acquire MakerBot,     An interesting move from the internationa giant: Makerbot gets eaten. Soon we’ll release an opinion post about this. Stay...

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  • Digitizer_pic_justgnomes-700x357
    MakerBot announces Digitizer an home 3D scanner for the masses

    For those who lost it: Makerbot industries announced at SXSW in Austin few days ago that they will be realeasing a Desktop 3D Scanner: In perfect MakerBot/SXSW fashion, Bre unveiled an early prototype of the newest addition to...

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