• Autodesk’s Project Escher Applies Parallel Processing to 3D Printing

    Innovators working with an effort called Project Escher at design software firm Autodesk recently told Design News they will soon release a new software product that should greatly increase the performance of 3D printing. The new solution...

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  • 3dprinter
    3D printers in space: NASA releases open source files

    Crew members aboard the International Space Station (ISS) recently put a very interesting thing into orbit—a 3D printer. The printer, created in tandem by Lowe’s and a company called Made in Space, could be used to produce...

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  • pam-bureau-720x405-c
    Pam: a pellet-based 3D printer able to print four different materials at the same time

    French additive manufacturing startup Pollen has unveiled its gorgeous new Pam 3D printer, which takes the unusual approach of printing using pellets instead of traditional filament spools as raw materials. “We’ve been in R&D stealth mode for...

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  • hp-logo-with-voxels_large
    HP Launches Speedy 3D Printer: 10x faster

    The highly anticipated day in the 3D printing world arrived a few days ago, when 2D-printing king HP Inc unveiled at RAPID, one of the world’s largest industry conferences, its speedy polymer commercial 3D printer, the Jet...

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  • sigma
    3D Printers: From $179 to $4,000, the price is right to buy one now

    When looking for a 3D printer, here are three things you might want to bear in mind: Build volume: How big a print is the 3D printer capable of doing? Materials: What filament material can the 3D...

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  • Life-Size 3D Printed Iron Man Suit, made with 3DRag printer!

    In what may be one of the most detailed and largest prop/costume projects we have seen to date, a 20-year-old Marvel Comics enthusiast named Ross Wilkes has created a 3D printed life-sized Iron Man suit. The project...

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  • 04_machine-series
    Machine Series wants to merge FDM and Open Design

    Machine Series is a platform that lives between industry and artisans, producing elegant everyday objects through approachable, open source manufacturing technologies. The goal of Machine Series is to craft simplicity out of complexity – to create restrained,...

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