CELLINK releases two new bioinks for desktop bioprinting

    Coming out of Sweden, the startup CELLINK has been working to revolutionize the 3D bioprinting market, releasing their unbelievably low-priced INKREDIBLE desktop bioprinter last year for just $5,000. Since then, CELLINK has been developing new cellular inks,...

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  • image001_dolrzr
    3D-Printed LEGO-Like Blocks Open Access to Costly Lab Technologies

    Douglas Hill, a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) under Assistant Professor of Bioengineering William Grover, has developed a LEGO-like system of 3D-printed blocks for creating research tools on the fly. Dubbed Multifluidic Evolutionary...

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  • OpenDrop_full-752x440
    OpenDrop – Desktop Digital Biology Laboratory

    OpenDrop is a development part of a bigger ecosystem around digital biology with the aim of making personal lab-automation accessible to more people. Features: – 2x High Voltage Driver Chip HV507 – 16×8 electrodes array, 2.75mm2 in...

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  • SliderHero1
    Interview to Open Trons

      Biology labs today are where computers were in the 1950s and ‘60s — they exist in huge, climate controlled spaces behind security guards that only allow trusted experts with white lab coats inside. But, like the...

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    Open Biomedical Initiative wants to disrupt biomedical ecosystem from the Bottom Up

    An italian team reacently launched this interesting initiative: The Open Biomedical Initiative is a newly established nonprofit organization with the purpose of creating and promoting Low-Cost, Open Source, 3D Printable Biomedical Technologies. It was founded by Bruno...

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  • La Paillasse: looking for your help to create the biggest Bio-Hacking lab in Europe

    La Paillasse, probably the the most important european project for open bio-hacking, is now raising funds on kisskissbankbank. Among other things, the guys are working on opensource bio-reactors, and opening an 800 squared meters space in Paris....

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    O’Reilly Media launches a DIYBio newsletter

    O’Reilly Media launches a new DIYBio newsletter: “Biology in 2013 feels like computing in 1975 (just before the PC)—ripe for an explosion,” explains O’Reilly editor Mike Loukides, who spearheaded the creation of BioCoder. The newsletter aims to connect...

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