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    Eclipse Foundation Releases IoT Projects: the universal frameworks for IoT apps

    Eclipse Foundation announced the release of a number of Internet of Things projects. These include: Eclipse Kura (a framework for building IoT gateways); Eclipse Paho (implementations of MQTT protocols); Eclipse OM2M (an open source implementation of the SmartM2M and oneM2M...

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    BeagleBone Green Wireless: because IoT matters!

    BeagleBone Green Wireless (BBGW) is a joint effort by BeagleBoard.org and Seeed Studio. Based on the open-source hardware design of BeagleBone Black as well as a similar Sitara AM335x processor, the newest BBGW has two Grove connectors...

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    Snickerdoodle: a dream tool for Makers

    Snickerdoodle is a tool for dreamers and creators to build, make, invent, and do things they’ve always been told weren’t possible. It’s for people willing to explore new horizons and challenge themselves to learn, grow, and handcraft...

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    Shield brings Arduino and BeagleBone Black together

    Interesting project on Indiegogo that was submitted via our Submit news channel. Here is Shield I/O, the first BeagleBone Black cape which adapts Arduino Shields to your BeagleBone Black. With Shield I/O it doesn’t matter if you’re...

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    The T-Bone: use BeagleBone for motion control

    Another interesting project aims at more use of the Beagleboard Black as a motion controller: What is it The T-Bone is a cape for the BeagleBone Black, dedicated for motion control. These are 3D printers, laser cutters,...

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    BeagleBoard joins GrowCubes for opensource, stackable, modular and efficient Farming

    Amazing project for open and modular farming supported by the BeagleBone team Open-source technology is all about getting the power of technology into the hands of everyone. That’s why we at BeagleBoard.org really like the idea of...

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