• SUSECon_Raspberry_pi_case-450x261
    SuSe Server Linux available for Raspberry Pi 3

    Raspberry Pi 3, with its quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, is our first 64-bit product, supporting ARM’s A64 instruction set and the ARMv8-A architecture. However, we’ve not yet taken the opportunity to ship a 64-bit operating system: our...

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  • pinout
    Danyboard M0 Open Source Electronic prototyping platform on Kickstarter

    Danyboard M0 is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. It is equipped with: MCU Atmel SAMD21 32bit ARM Cortex M0+  Wi-Fi 2.4GHz MicroSD Reader  RTC Li-Po charger  The board includes a Li-Po charging circuit that allows the danyboard...

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  • NanoPi_NEO-1
    NanoPi NEO – Smaller and faster than Raspberry Pi Zero

    The NanoPi NEO(abbreviated as NEO) is a fun board developed by FriendlyARM for makers, hobbyists and fans. It has as reference the Raspberry Pi Zero but it is faster and 12% smaller, and it is sold at about...

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  • dmnd8482_png_project-body
    Snickerdoodle: a dream tool for Makers

    Snickerdoodle is a tool for dreamers and creators to build, make, invent, and do things they’ve always been told weren’t possible. It’s for people willing to explore new horizons and challenge themselves to learn, grow, and handcraft...

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  • Screen-Shot-2015-10-12-at-9.03.51-AM.png
    Windows 10 Desktop On ARM Discovered in Microsoft Documentation

    Thanks to documentation for Audio Engine Core Test found on Microsoft’s MSDN portal, the company clearly lists Windows 10 for desktop, ARM. Also notable is the support for Windows 10 Mobile ARM64 and Windows 10 Mobile x86,...

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  • osdc_520x292_opensourceprescription
    Open Source as a Driver of Internet of Things

    Open source software has been around for several decades, now, and is defined by the four freedoms it brings to the user: The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0). The...

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  • DSC_7860
    NanoPi2 incredible tiny raspi2 compatible board released!

    The NanoPi2 quad core Cortex A9 Linux single board computer has been released as a high performance companion to FriendlyARM Computer Company’s NanoPi board. NanoPi2 features a Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core A9 processor at 1.4GHz. The NanoPI2...

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  • A new, strong Rasberry Pi competitor: dual core and powerVr for $65!

    A new competitor for Rasberry Pi, based on Debian but capable of hosting natively Android 4.4 KitKat is coming. Released last December, is now on sale at 50 pounds. Here’s the description on the official website: Creator...

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  • zeesoc
    Create your own System-on-a-Chip for $35, on Indiegogo

    zeeSoc campaign on Indiegogo is started few days ago and is near to 50% funding. The solution proposed helps anyone who wants to build its own SoC board, from only $35. Here is the description on Indiegogo:...

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  • xively-a3a5ade94230669d1a0d82473b025c93
    In case you lost it: Cosm (formerly Pachube) is now Xively

    The service formerly known as Cosm is now dubbed Xively: The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize the relationship between people and their world, but bringing transformative connected products to market takes more than a great idea....

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  • Freescale kinetis kl02
    Freescale presents KL02 the smallest ARM powered MCU

      Freescale introduces the Kinetis KL02 chip-scale package CSP, the worlds smallest ARM Powered® MCU. Available in the ultra-small 1.9 mm x 2.0 mm wafer level chip-scale package, the KL02 CSP MKL02Z32CAF4R drastically reduces board space while...

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