Cumulus low-cost home automation solution debuts on Indiegogo

By on March 20, 2014

Interesting IoT, Smart Home DIY solution that is characterized by ultra low cost modules:

We want to build a low-cost, open source wireless data acquisition platform for anyone. The goal is to produce as many as possible boards, to get the cost as low as €5 per Node and €1 per RaspberryPi Expansion Board. We can only do that, if we get enough support from you!

The final goal for the nodes is: dropping the power usage to minimum, so the node can run 2 years on 2 x AA 1.5V Batteries – Doesn’t that sound exciting? What can you do with it?

  • Build wirelessly controlled projects
  • Set up a wireless sensor monitoring network
  • Build a simple alarm notification system
  • Build a remote DSLR controller
  • Play around with wireless systems

via Cumulus – The customizable low-cost home automation solution | Indiegogo.


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  • Mihai

    When can I buy this ?

    • DatanoiseTV

      Hi, I am the developer of this project. I am happy to see your interest in the project. Feel free to support the project on the Indiegogo Campaign to receive one or more boards! Watch out for page updates on Indiegogo! Cheers!

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  • lee

    An open source wifi module with UART/SPI/GPIOs/PWM for intelligent control,but fingertip-sized only